Disaster solutions

The Veerhuis disaster solution

Immediate Local production of Light Weight Steel frames by a mobile unit , that fits in one container and has its own generator.

The capacity of one machine : 15-20 homes of 50 m² per day. Per year: 5000

Needed raw materials , low volume: galvanized steel coils quality S 320 GD

These frames are Earthquake resistant and hurricane proof. Assembly time is about 1.2 hours. The frame can be covered by canvas or tarpaulin sheeting.

After the acute relief phase
– finish the home with the usual products available
– do it in accordance with the Veerhuis System.

By providing this base unit you have already laid the basis for the post disaster reconstruction of an earthquake resistant and hurricane proof permanent home, skipping the transitional phase. As shown on the photograph, the construction and strength allows another unit on top of it or attached to it. The end result (artist image) could be the following: A global House.