Advantages of the Veerhuis Building System

  • The speed of Construction(faster)
  • Lighter construction
  • Decreasing energy consumption (Lower 60% or more)
  • The reduction of CO2 emission(climate)
  • Saving natural resources (H2O,Sand,Wood,Cement)
  • Less generation of Solid waste
  • Improves the Health for Inhabitants and Labourers
  • Increases Safety for the inhabitants and for the labourers
  • Is strong
  • Is Earthquake resistant
  • Is Fire retarding or uninflammable
  • Is affordable or cheaper
  • Has a long life span
  • Is compatible with all existing building techniques
  • Is 100 % recyclable and/or reusable
  • Looks like a normal house

All needed materials can easily be produced locally.

The end result is an eco-friendly , low cost, low energy , healthier, safer, stronger, better , low maintenance and high quality house, suitable in all climates and all cultures and suitable on a Global level in poor and rich countries.