About Us, Veerhuis

The smartest wallsystem for global use

Veerhuis building systems

The Veerhuis Group is a knowledge based Business group in the Building and Construction Industry (BCI). With its patented inovative building techniques and system it intends to change the present BCI into a more sustainable business, that becomes eco-friendly, energy saving, problem solving on a global level.

It tries to achieve that goal by:

  • building demonstration houses worldwide(see projects)
  • training of the trainers
  • marketing of the essential building materials(EPS,LWS,Mortar,auxilliary materials)
  • giving licenses, employ agents and establish joint ventures

The Company adheres to the philosophy of C2C (Cradle to Cradle), P3(People,Planet,Profit), PPP( Public Private Partnerships), R3( Reduce, Reuse,Recycle).

We intend to enable other building companies, contractors, housing corporations and responsible governments, to solve their own chronic housing shortage and acute housing disasters in a faster and more sustainable way.

Given the conditions of our concept (Local production of all necessary materials), the best results in speed of construction of our low-cost homes and return of investment, requires a minimum project size of 500 – 1000 houses or more.