A Veerhuis Building  is an ecofriendly, low-cost, energysaving, low GHG-emission, healthy, safe, strong, better,low maintenance and high quality building (Veerhouse) suitable for all climates and all cultures and suitable on a global level.

Essentially the VEERHUIS SYSTEM is a new innovative way of constructing homes and buildings through the introduction of an already existing material (Expanded Polystyrene SE 100)  as a full-fledged building material for the outside walls of the building only, that can replace considerably the present use of bricks, stones, cement, steel, concrete and wood. Due to the intrinsic properties of this innovation, homes can be constructed faster, simpler, betterand cheaper. It fits in all existing building frames(wood,concrete,steel).

The future of Construction

The smartest wallsystem for global use

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Decreasing energy consumption

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